left back fifa 23 talents

Left back FIFA 23 Talents (LB and LWB)

Get cheap left back FIFA 23 talents for your career mode. This list contains the best LB and LWB talents for your FIFA 23 career mode. Based on potential rating. Just find the talent you need.

Talent list: left backs in FIFA 23 with potential rating

The understated list shows you the best left backs in FIFA 23 with potential rating. Use the list to find the cheapest young players with high potential. This way you’ll create the best team in career mode.

All talents in the list are:

  • Under 22 years old
  • Play on RB or RWB position (Right back or Right wing back)
  • The best based on potential rating

Used abbreviations in the talents list

The following abbrevations are used in the talents list. Don’t worry, it’s easy:

  • OVR = Overall rating
  • POT = Potential rating
  • GR = Growth (difference between overall and potential rating)

Our tips for FIFA 23 talents:

It can be hard to find the right talents for your career mode. That’s why we are happy to give you some tips. Have a look at the FIFA 23 talent tips below.

Under one million: Cristian Riquelme

This wonderkid from Chile plays for Everton de Viña del Mar (Chile). As this is a smaller club it might be easy to buy this talent. Also his value is great: just €750.000. This left back has a release clause of 1.8 million Euro, but we think you can get him for our one million. But keep in mind that his overall rating at the start is only 60. Later on Cristian Riquelme will grow to at least 83. All in all this is a great left back for any club.

Another cheap talent: Carlos Augusto Rojas

Again a left back FIFA 23 talent from South America. This time it’s C. Rojas from Venezuela. This 20-year-old kid starts with an rating of 61, but will grow to 81. Giving his value of €875.000 he must be regarded as a bargain. His release clause is 2.8 million, but you should be able to get him for around 1.5 million. He plays for Deportivo La Guaira FC.

In the same Venezualan competition you can also look for Renné Rivas (Caracas Fútbol Club). He’s 18 years old, starts at 63, but grows to 81. Although his value is a bit higher (1.2 million), he can still be considered as a great bang for bucks.

In short there are a lot of cheap FIFA 23 talents in South America. They often play for smaller clubs, so it’s most likely an easy transfer.

Extra wonderkids

You aren’t looking for left backs only in your career mode. That’s why we’ve got more for you. For every single position on the pitch we’ve made a list. They all come with potential rating. Exactly what you need as a FIFA manager.

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