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FIFA 23 CAM talents for career mode

These are the best FIFA 23 CAM talents for career mode. This list containts the top youngsters for centre attacking midfield. Including potential rating.

Ones to watch: CAM talents

There are a lot of CAM talents in FIFA 23. It’s just important to find the right ones. In the section ‘Ones to watch’ we give you our recommendations. For all FIFA 23 CAM talents, just have a look at the complete list below (top 150 wonderkinds for CAM).

1. Alberto Moleiro (Spain)

This one you should get for sure. Alberto Moleiro is still relatively unknown since he plays for Unión Deportiva Las Palmas (Segunda Division). Because he plays in the 2nd tier league of Spain, it should be quite easy to buy him. His value is only 13 million (euro’s) at the start.

With an overall rating of 75 and a potential of 90, this should be regarded as an unique bargain. However small clubs probably still can’t afford him.

2. Rayan Cherki (France)

Second talent to watch is Rayan Cherki. The 18-year-old plays for Olympique Lyonnais in France. Not a small club, so buying him can be a bit expensive. Anyway, his value is only 7 million euro. Which is considered as cheap if you see his potential of of 88 (!). His overall rating at the start is 73. In comparison to all other top 15 talents he is the only one worth less than 10 million.

3. Sávio (Brazil)

It gets even cheaper with Sávio. This wonderkid plays for PSV in The Netherlands. Which means his salary is not too high. Also his value is only 4 million euro’s. In real life he has to compete with Xavi Simons, so he’s not even in the starting eleven. Therefor it could be easy to buy him from PSV.

4. Laurin Ulrich (Germany) – First talent below 1 million euro.

For the smaller clubs we recommend Laurin Ulrich. This German CAM talent plays for VfB Stuttgart in Germany. His value is €775.000, which means he is the best FIFA 23 CAM talent under the magical line of one million euro.

He needs some training as he is starting with an overall rating of 60. But be patient, he will eventually grow to a potential rarint of at least 83. Which is high enough for most smaller clubs.

The complete list with all talents is shown below.

Complete list of FIFA 23 CAM Talents with potential rating

Below you’ll find the complete list of FIFA 23 CAM talents. These young players are not older than 21. They are sorted on potential rating, but you can sort them in a different way if you like. To be complete: this list only contains players for the position CAM.

More potential for your career mode

Our team made more lists for your career mode. Also all these talent lists come with potential rating. This way you can build your super squad of youngsters. Just have a look at the other wonderkids.

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