fifa 23 talents for career mode

FIFA talents with potential for your career mode

The best young FIFA 23 talents with potential rating for your career mode. Find the cheapest young FIFA 23 talents and create the best team.

FIFA 23 Talents

In the different categories below you can find the best talents. Most lists are based on positions of players. Pick a category and find the youngster you need. This way you can create your dream team of young FIFA 23 talents. The best for your career mode. Check it out:

Best young players per position:

Other categories:

The total overview of talents lists can be found here.

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All FIFA 23 talents lists can be sorted on current rating, potential rating and growth. They come with a lot of information. Like wage, value, club, age, preferred foot and skill moves. This way you know what to pay for a talent.

The lists are based on potential rating. This means every list contains the best talents in FIFA 23 for a specific postition. Only players under 22 years are included.

How to read the talents lists?

All FIFA 23 talents list contain players under 22 years old. They are always sorted on potential rating. Tap on a player to see more information about him.

In the talents lists you’ll find the following columns:

  • OVR = Overall rating of a player at the start of the career mode
  • POT = Potential rating of player
  • GR = Growth rating, the difference between overall rating en potential rating
  • POS = Position of a player (not shown in every list)
  • EUR = The value of a player at the start of the career mode in Euro’s (not shown in every list)

What is potential rating?

The potential rating shows the future overall rating of a talent in the FIFA career mode.

When proceeding in your career mode, over the years the younger player will get better. The rating of those players will rise, the minimum rating which will be achieved is called the potential rating.

Example of potential rating:

So the overall rating at the start may be for example 75. But a young player can grow a lot. So his growth in the career mode may be +15. Then his potential rating is 90.

The potential rating is always a minimum. So with enough training and enough matches a FIFA 23 talent could become even better.

Make sure to get those players with high growth and potential ratings, those talents will give you a lot of profit.

How to use the young FIFA 23 talents lists

Don’t worry, it’s super easy. First of all it might be handy to decide on what position you need a new young player. You might want to buy a striker (for example). Then go to the strikers talents list.

1. Find the FIFA 23 talent with the right value

In the FIFA 23 strikers talents list you should search for some talents you like. Most of the time it’s important to have a look at their potential rating and their value.

Maybe you don’t have that much budget, then you should search for a cheap player. It’s worth it to check values of several players, some unfamous players are much cheaper.

2. Search for the talent in FIFA 23

Did you find a young FIFA 23 talent with the right value? And is the potential rating also interesting for you?

Then go to your FIFA 23 career mode. Head to the transfer menu and search for the FIFA 23 talent (by typing his name). Then scout him and add him to your shortlist.

3. Transfer him

Once the player is scouted (you need to wait a few career mode days) you know his value and his current overall rating. So you know how much you might want to pay for him. If it’s still interesting, then try to buy him.

4. Train the talent and let him grow

Bought him? Let him train and play matches. This way he will grow quickly to his potential. The potential is a minimum potential rating, so he may get even better. It will take a few seasons to reach his potential. So you might want to rent him out as well.

5. Potential rating is reached

Once he reached his potential, you can keep him as a good player. Or you can sell him for way more money then you bought him.

FIFA 23 Talents lists

Every list contains information about current rating, potential rating en growth values. Buy the ones you want in your FIFA 23 manager mode.

The FIFA 23 Talents can be perfectly used in your FIFA 23 career mode. As a manager you want to buy the best players for the lowest price. Cheap talents are always a good option.

Younger players are cheaper to buy. Later on those players will grow out to soccer legends so you can sell them for a lot of money. The only thing you need is those talents lists and a little bit of patience.

Abbreviations for positions FIFA 23

The meaning of the abbreviations for positions in FIFA 23 are stated below. Those abbreviations are also used in our talents lists to give you a quick overview. Those abbreviations may differ when you play FIFA 23 in a different language.

  • GK – Goalkeeper
  • RB – Right back / Right defender
  • CB – Centre back / Centre defender
  • LB – Left back / Left defender
  • CDM – Centre Defensive Midfielder
  • RM – Right midfielder
  • CM – Centre midfielders
  • LM – Left midfielder
  • CAM – Centre attacking midfielder
  • RW – Right winger
  • ST – Striker (also CF=Centre Forward)
  • LW – Left winger

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