fifa 18 talents

The best FIFA talents for your career mode

Searching for FIFA 18 Talents? The best FIFA 18 talents can be found here. All talents are stated in different talents lists, which are a must have for your FIFA 18 career. 

FIFA 18 Talents

The first FIFA 18 Talents are announced. You can now check out the best highest growth and highest potential FIFA 18 Talents. Choose from the talents categories below.

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FIFA 18 Talents lists

Every list contains information about current rating, potential rating en growth values. Buy the ones you want in your FIFA 18 manager mode.

The FIFA 18 Talents can be perfectly used in your FIFA 18 career mode. As a manager you want to buy the best players for the lowest price. Cheap talents are always a good option.

Younger players are cheaper to buy. Later on those players will grow out to soccer legends so you can sell them for a lot of money. The only thing you need is those talents lists and a little bit of patience.

Potential of FIFA 18 talents

The potential rating shows the future rating of a talent in the FIFA 18 career mode. When proceeding in your career mode, over the years the younger player will get better. The rating of those players will rise, the minimum rating which will be achieved is called the potential rating.

The best FIFA 18 talents will grow faster and have a high potential rating. The difference between the current rating in FIFA 18 and the potential rating is called ‘growth’. The growth values are stated in all talents lists.

Make sure to get those players with high growth and potential ratings, those talents will give you a lot of profit.

FIFA 17 Talents

The best FIFA 17 talents can be found below. Choose on of the categories to see the best FIFA 17 Talents. The youngsters can be used in your FIFA 17 career mode.



All FIFA 17 talents come with the current Overall Rating, Potential Rating and Growth. Buy these talents and you will have the super stars for the FIFA 17 career mode future! Also a great way of making money if you sell them later on.

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Abbreviations for positions FIFA 18

The meaning of the abbreviations for positions in FIFA 18 are stated below. Those abbreviations are also used in our talents lists to give you a quick overview. Those abbreviations may differ when you play FIFA 18 in a different language.

Other FIFA 18 talents lists

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